I’m not dead… yet

Hey all.

I deeply apologize for being a douche nozzle with my posts. To be frank, I was in a bad place, mentally speaking, for a while. When I finally got out of my funk, I got sucked into FF14.

However, before that happened, I was Eveing a bit. Redid the tutorials as well as starting the Sisters of Eve epic arc.

I’m not 100% worried yet, but I’m getting a little concerned.

The Eve I remember was difficult. Extremely difficult, but from just the surface changes I’ve been seeing makes me wonder if my White Whale morphed into a dolphin. In fact. this was a meme floating around for quite some time:

For example, I had a blueprint for a Victorieux Luxury Yacht. I was parked in Jita and just thought “What the hell. Let me see if I can build this”, so I clicked on the station’s industry icon fully expecting it to be completely full. In the Eve I remembered, a station could only handle a job if it had a free slot. Meaning other players could use the station for building crap, however once the slots were full, you had to wait until one became available to do your thing. It seems now you can run any job at any station. I don’t know if it’s skill dependent but I can run off 3 jobs simultaneously in any station that has Industrial facilities.

This is what concerns me. The whole point of that restriction would be so players are forced to join corporations that have their own POS (Player Owned Stations) in nullsec or wormholes and you can churn out your ships, ammo, or whatever you’re building there. With this one change, it could seriously undermine the point of manufacturing if anyone can do it anywhere. I’ve also read that the POS’s are bring phased out for “Upwell Structures“. I don’t know enough about these to have an opinion on this or not, but just noting that it’s something happening.

There are some other concerns that I have that I’ll post more about, but this is where it stands now. I’m neither giving a thumbs up or thumbs down, but I’m leery of the changes made so far.

That’s it for me. As always, fly safe.