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I’d be completely remiss if I didn’t call attention to the free twitch deal going on right now for Eve Online. If you’re a member of Twitch Prime (you get it free if you’re an Amazon Prime member), you can get some pretty sweet loot. 15 days free Omega subscription time, 150,000 skill points and best of all, a Sunesis destroyer with an exclusive skin:

Sunesis with limited edition skin

Make sure you pick this up even if you’re already an Omega subscriber, as you’ll get the 15 free days added to your game time. I verified this on my own account.

If you’re an Alpha subscriber, now is the perfect chance to see how the other half lives. No restrictions on ships or skills, and you get 2x skill training time. Well worth it.

All you need is a Twitch Prime account and to link your Eve account. Claim the items and they’ll be waiting for you when you next log in. That’s all there is to it.

The offer ends July 9th, so don’t dilly-dally.

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