Short, uneventful update

Hey Guys/Gals and Jovians,

Just wanted to make sure I didn’t miss my daily post rule I set for myself. I’m currently working on setting up a blog/travel laptop to make my sojourns into writing that much easier. (Currently typing things hunched over a coffee table at an angle) Going to work on it all night and see if I can’t have the sucker set up by late night/early morning.

I have several post ideas I intend on following through on, but I’d like a little more spit and polish on them before they go up. But this is an Eve Online blog, and I’d be remiss if I didn’t bring up at least one thing Eve related.

Back when I was killing pirates solo, I had a favorite ship. I decked it out, loaded it with drones and just took to the blackness of space. The Myrmidon.

Not the prettiest by any stretch of the imagination, but something about it appealed to me. Plus, I love drones. They’re like mechanical pets you can send out to swarm your enemies with until their shields and armor weaken and they explode. It filled me with a sense of joy.

I have no idea what the current state of the Myrmidon is right now in Eve, with the continual changes and updates. All I do know is it’ll always hold a special place in my heart.

Fly safe,


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